Lainey Griffith
Hi, I’m Lainey Griffith and this is my third year at PVHS as a junior. One day I hope to be an author and journalist, and I joined journalism because of that. I write fiction books that I share with my friends when I am not focused on school and when I have an abundance of extra time, I thrift and sew my own clothes. Writing is a big passion of mine, and I apply it to any situation I can find. I am in the CREST program practicing engineering and take honors classes. The things are write are a piece of me, and this year I aim to share that with more than just my friends - so why not the entire school? PV  PARANOIA Blog “Your mind is like a parachute - it works best when open.” -- Frank Zappa Whether you’re looking for theories to feed your skeptic side, or needing an entertaining anecdote to laugh about during passing period, PV Paranoia covers it all. From myths and legends about our very own Paradise Valley High School, to popular conspiracy theories in mainstream media - you'll start to question the world all over again. Disclaimer: All of the conspiracy theories and myths in this blog are just theories. I am not stating them as a fact. They are purely for entertainment purposes.

Lainey Griffith, Blogger

Aug 28, 2017
Student News Site of Paradise Valley High School