Ethan Liv
Hello, I’m Ethan, a freshman at Paradise Valley High School. A little bit about myself and why I joined journalism: I enjoy writing and getting the scoop on things happening around the school. I also enjoy writing stories and narratives during my free time. I have one dog, a cute cocker spaniel named Charlotte, and I enjoy working with computers and different tech. Reading and hanging out with friends are some other things I do. The main reason I went to PV High School is because of the CREST program. I’m expect some great things during high school. I can’t wait to write stories for the PV news! Just Tech Blog Just Tech is a blog that writes everything about technology. Posts reign from reviews, to new and emerging products, to technology in development. Even stories talking about controversial technology and AI “Artificial Intelligence”  will be posted. The focus of this blog is on everything. Welcome to your new tech core.

Ethan Liv, Assistant Editor

Student News Site of Paradise Valley High School