Suzana Cadena
Hey! Im Suzana Cadena, I'm a senior at pvhs and I'm eighteen years old. I work at sagewood and I own two cute small dogs, Estrella & Oreo. I was born here in Phoenix Az, but i'm from La Piedad, Michoacan. One thing I really love is makeup and when I'm not doing my makeup I'm sleeping. I joined journalism because I want to write about interesting things. I want to find my voice in writing because I have an opinion about everything. Follow me on insta @lpm_susanaaa. PV Gossip Girl Welcome to my blog! Here you will find real stories from students around our school with relatable situations. You will see tips and advice to get you through this high school year and anything you might be going through. I am a senior here at Paradise Valley High School, I am on my fourth year here at Paradise Valley and have gone through the struggles that the younger classes may be or are going through. At times not knowing what to do in a certain situation can be scary, I hope this blog will help you through that. It is a long ride but you are not alone. For any advice or help on anything email me at [email protected].

Cadena Suzana, Blogger

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