2017-2018 Staff

Mr. Hall


My mission as a professional educator is to provide effective educational practice through differentiated instruction with an emphas...

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Jennifer Dangler


  My name’s Jenny, I’m a Junior here at PV and I’ve been attending here since my Sophomore year. Journaling for me means t...

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Christian Finical

Assistant Editor

My name is Christian Finical, and I am a freshman at Paradise Valley High School that is attempting to tackle journalism in my...

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Tatum Ball


I am a senior completing my final year at Paradise Valley high School. I am excited to embark on a new journey in journalism and...

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Eunice Shull


Hello, I’m Eunice, I’m sixteen years old and I’m a junior at Paradise Valley. I play on the PV Girls Softball and Badmi...

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Cesar Flores


I’m a senior at Paradise Valley High School. I’m here to improve my writing. I also signed up for this class because I have...

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Nicholas Forster


Hello, I'm Nicholas Forster, a junior at Paradise Valley High School.  I am part of the CREST program and I have been in all ...

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Dustin White


My name is Dustin White, I am a junior, I love to draw, and write. I wanted to be in this class, because it allows me to expose ...

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Madeline Muller


Hello, I’m Madeline Muller and this is my first year at PV. After school, I play on the JV volleyball for PVHS under Coach Kelsey,...

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Manuel Martinez


 Hello, my name is Manuel Martinez and I’ve been in PVHS for about 3 years so I’m a junior, the thing I just want to accomp...

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Samantha Newman


Hi! My name is Samantha Newman. I don’t really care what you call me as long as it’s not Sammie, and if you do, please spell...

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Alex Monroe


Hey, I'm Alex. I’m a sophomore at this school and you may know me from the PV’s girls basketball team, last year’s announcemen...

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Christopher Cox


I am Christopher Cox, a sophomore at Paradise Valley High School; this is my second year here.  I take CREST Engineering, Hon...

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Adam Price

Assistant Editor

Hi, my name is Adam Price and I am a senior at PV. I chose Journalism to get the inside scoop in PV, as well to further my writin...

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Cadena Suzana


Hey! Im Suzana Cadena, I'm a senior at pvhs and I'm eighteen years old. I work at sagewood and I own two cute small dogs, Estrella...

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Zoie Becker


Hello, my name is Zoie Becker and I am a sophomore at Paradise Valley High School. I am in journalism because I have wanted to ...

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Lainey Griffith


Hi, I’m Lainey Griffith and this is my third year at PVHS as a junior. One day I hope to be an author and journalist, and I...

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Ethan Liv

Assistant Editor

Hello, I’m Ethan, a freshman at Paradise Valley High School. A little bit about myself and why I joined journalism: I enjoy wr...

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Kiara Yarbrough


Hello PV students! My name is Kiara Yarbrough, and I am a senior here at Paradise Valley High School and I have been a PV Tro...

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Ashley Becker


My name is Ashley Becker, and I am a senior this year at PV. I have been a cheerleader here at PV for all four years of my high...

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Katrina Ramirez

The Weekly John

My name is Katrina Ramirez. I am a freshman here at Paradise Valley high school and I joined Journalism because I really like to write....

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Angelica Rivera


I chose journalism because I wanted to try something new, and it seems like it would just be a good idea to be in something th...

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Allen Ochoa


Hello my name is Allen Ochoa, my birthday is April 18th, 2000 and my favorite color is red. I chose journalism to better my w...

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Niza Munoz


I am in Journalism to help spread awareness about our school to our students and staff.

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Lucia Haten


Hello! My name is Lucia Haten and I am a Journalism Editor at Paradise Valley High school.

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Alyzza Madrid

Editor In Chief

I am in Journalism because, my passion is writing, and I will be majoring in photojournalism.

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