Healthy Eating Tips For Busy Students

Nicole Willis, Journalist

March 29, 2019

Filed under Opinion Editorials

As teens with busy schedules it can be hard to eat healthy. Preparing nutritious meals is more time consuming than stopping for fast food on your way home, or to school. Here are some tips to implement healthy eating easily within yo...

Curly Hair: What You Might Want to Know

Nicole Willis, Journalist

March 6, 2019

Filed under Features, Opinion Editorials

  As someone with curly/coily hair, I get many questions about it. I can’t speak for everyone whose has my hair texture, or something similar to it, but I can answer the questions I get the most about it.   &n...

Who’s Listening to What at PVHS?

Nicole Willis, Journalist

March 1, 2019

Filed under Campus Life, Features

  I (Nicole Willis) had the opportunity to interview three PVHS students about their taste in music. I found that students from a variety of backgrounds had interesting things to say about what they listen to, and why t...

Staff of the Month – Mr. Stiles

Nicole Willis, Journalist

March 1, 2019

Filed under Features, Staff of the Month

The "Staff of the Month" for March is Mr. Stiles. He is loved around campus by everyone who has had his class, and everyone who's had the chance to interact with. The Trojan Wall is very excited to post this interview we ha...

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