Trojan Times Mission Statement

The student press PV Publications of Paradise Valley High School has adopted as its mission . . .

The Trojan Times  is the public forum publication dedicated to reporting news, features and editorials in order to inform, educate and entertain the Paradise Valley community. The members of The Trojan Times staff contribute their time and effort to provide the student body with a forum to exercise students’ First Amendment rights, while remaining truthful and accurate in the responsible reporting of information.  The Trojan Wall is an online publication run by The Trojan Times newspaper and adheres to the same policies and mission.


Trojan Times Policy


Published online as The Trojan Wall and occasionally in print, the student newspaper of Paradise Valley High School is a public forum and is protected by PA Code Section 12.9 and the First Amendment to the Constitution.  The Trojan Times refers to the “Associated Press Stylebook” on matters of grammar, punctuation, spelling, style and usage. Anonymous sources will be accepted.   Furthermore, the Trojan Times and all publications associated with the newspaper including online publications will be produced with adherence to ethical standards as prescribed through the jeasprc.org guidelines.

Student News Site of Paradise Valley High School