Healthy Eating Tips For Busy Students

Nicole Willis, Journalist

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As teens with busy schedules it can be hard to eat healthy. Preparing nutritious meals is more time consuming than stopping for fast food on your way home, or to school. Here are some tips to implement healthy eating easily within your day.

Start your day by not skipping breakfast. I’m aware some reading this don’t like to eat super early, so if your first period teacher will allow eating in their classroom – do so. What’s best to eat for that type of situation?: A small portion of fruit, granola, a protein bar, or greek yogurt, which can be high in protein. If you have time to eat at home, make oatmeal, which lowers cholesterol, or scrambled eggs. Eggs are high in protein and have vitamin B12.

For lunch, make it the night before; allowing yourself more time in the morning. I suggest a smoothie. Pack it with green vegetables that contain calcium and iron. If you don’t like the taste of vegetables, then conceal it with your favorite fruit, and honey for sweetness. Salads with dressings that aren’t loaded with fat are also good options.

Finally, dinner time! I suggest making something at home. Pasta with tomato sauce, vegetables, and a choice of protein (chicken, sausage, or beans) is an easy, inexpensive option. If you don’t have time or energy to cook, choose a “fast casual” dining option like Panera Bread or Chipotle. Although both can be high in calories, these establishments have healthier options, than popular fast food chains.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful!