Curly Hair: What You Might Want to Know

Nicole Willis, Journalist

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Nicole Willis in PVTC’s production of Maxwell P.I.


As someone with curly/coily hair, I get many questions about it. I can’t speak for everyone whose has my hair texture, or something similar to it, but I can answer the questions I get the most about it.  


It it all mine?

Most of the time – yes. When it’s in cornrows, my salonist adds extension to the real stuff, so the style looks neat for a longer period of time. In the photo that is attached to this article, all the hair your see grew from my scalp.


Can I touch it?  

Nope, especially if I don’t know you that well, or at all. It makes me uncomfortable, but at least you asked first – most folks don’t.


How do y0u wash your hair?

With shampoo, no matter the state it’s in. It takes a long time to lather in my scalp though.  


How long is it?

When my hair is in its natural (curly) state it grazes my shoulder. My hair stops at the middle of my back when it’s straightened.


How long does it take to style?

My salonist can put cornrows on my hair in under an hour and a half.  She can straighten it in an hour. Doing my own hair takes three hours. I have to oil my scalp, comb cream through the tangles, and put it all in tiny braids, so it doesn’t tangle again.  


Do you like it?

Of course I do! Do I get frustrated with my curls constantly? Yeah. It’s a lot to manage, but I’m grateful for the privilege of having a head full of hair.