Staff of the Month – Mr. Stiles

Nicole Willis, Journalist

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The “Staff of the Month” for March is Mr. Stiles. He is loved around campus by everyone who has had his class, and everyone who’s had the chance to interact with. The Trojan Wall is very excited to post this interview we had the teacher.

TTW: What do you teach, and how long have you been teaching at PVHS?

I teach Biology and Honors Biology. This is currently my 6th year here at PV, the greatest school ever.

TTW: What’s your favorite thing about teaching and why?

My favorite thing about teaching is the students, and there are many reasons why. One, I learn from the students just as much as they learn from me. Two, I know I won’t make a difference in the life of every student that enters my classroom, but I will for some, and that is the best thing ever about teaching. Three, I feel like I can make a positive difference in the lives of some students, and if not, maybe I can make them smile, and that’s worth it. Four, I get to tell my really bad jokes and they are forced to listen to them.


TTW: If you weren’t teaching what would your occupation be. Why?

My first degree is actually in theatre, so I would probably be doing something with that. Either that or, maybe something to do with the environment and keeping it safe and sustainable.


TTW: How do you hope to impact students that come through your classroom?

My hope is that they see my class as a safe place to be, to learn, and to grow. More than that though, I just want to be something positive in their lives. A good, positive role model for those who don’t have too many in their lives. A shining light for those who need it. Someone that they feel comfortable coming and talking to, and someone who can make them smile and make their day just a little better. My other hope is that I can inspire them. Not necessarily in biology, but in life in general. Inspire them to make a positive difference in this world. Inspire them to know that they are worth something, that they matter, and that they’re important; and to let them know that someone does care about them. I do also hope that I can impact all the students on this campus in this way, not just the ones that are in my classroom.