Caution: Pop Tarts are Hazardous

Amelia Dellaripa

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My entire life I have loved Pop Tarts. My top two flavors are (warmed) strawberry and cookies ‘n’ cream. However, my family is insanely healthy as my parents only buy organic and gluten free food products. As a result of this, we don’t get that tasty treat very often, but one week is dedicated annually to unhealthy food. That week is also known as the Memorial Day Weekend Family Camping Trip.

I remember the camping trip when I was seven years old very specifically because of the delicious breakfast snack that my mom bought in bulk from Costco. Thankfully there was extra, so the unhealthy living extended it’s stay for about another week. We were finally down to the last package of Strawberry Pop Tarts. I woke up extra early that morning just to make sure I could secure my ‘dibs’ on breakfast. Unfortunately for later events, I was too excited to wait and forgot to take the food out of the tin foil wrapping. I placed the whole thing into the microwave and selected the 1 minute button. Thankfully, because of my weird habit of watching my food cook in the microwave, I saw something extraordinary: a lightning bolt! Then all of a sudden, the smell of smoke started to fill the kitchen. Obviously something was wrong, but I just couldn’t figure it out. My older brother came to the rescue. I’ve never seen him run that fast in my entire life. He flew down the stairs straight into the kitchen, identified where the smoke was coming from, and immediately stopped the warming process. If he hadn’t moved that fast, I’m very sure that the kitchen would have burn scars to this very day.

But don’t worry, I still got to have my Pop Tart, but because my brother saved the house, I gave him the second one.

The purpose of me sharing one of my most idiotic stories is to warn everyone how dangerous Pop Tarts can be. Besides that fact that they contain so much sugar, can help cause diabetes and cholesterol issues, they also help start fires! So when you walk down the grocery store aisle and you see Pop Tarts, buy at your own risk. 🙂