Staff of the Month – February

Amelia Dellaripa

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Casa di Reuben: Not Found in Textbooks

Mrs. Reuben is the best AP European teacher at PV! Although, she has only been teaching here for 3 years, she has made a giant impact on her students. The reason Mrs. Reuben is so impactful is because she wants to teach. She chose to teach history, specifically, because of her love for the subject. Mrs. Reuben hopes to pass on her love of history to the students here at PV. She thinks that the reason students learn so well in her class is thanks to the block schedule “because is gives [her] more of an opportunity to interact with the best part of PV: the students!”

If you’ve ever been in her class, you know she does not take herself too seriously, which is another key factor as to why students grow so much in room 208. When asked to describe herself in three words, she responded with “funny, compassionate, and easy-going”; however, she also said that “Mr. Reuben would disagree with easy-going.” Turns out, students aren’t the only ones who act differently at school than at home!

Mrs. Reuben has loads of PV PRIDE, not only does she dress up for spirit weeks, she also has a favorite part of the popular acronym: “Do”. She wants students to start “do[ing] their work!” But, in a less academic sense, Mrs. Reuben wants her students to “Take action and make a difference!” She is right, people need to stop daydreaming and actually make a plan to impact the world the best way they can!

The journalism team picked Mrs. Reuben to be the Staff of the Month for February because of her school spirit, eagerness to teach, and making her classroom an uber fun learning environment.