Behind The Scenes: PVTC’s The Diary of Anne Frank

Nicole Willis and Amelia Dellaripa

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Arielle Leiser, the Costume Head, for the Diary of Anne Frank makes the “Star of David” patches.

The Trojan Wall recently had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Carina Stiles and Bella Santoni. They are involved with The Diary of Anne Frank (play), which is being produced by Paradise Valley Theatre Company. The play is being shown in the Black Box, which also services as the drama classroom.


Amelia Dellaripa interviewed Bella Santoni, who is portraying Anne Frank in Paradise Valley Theatre Company’s The Diary of Anne Frank. Bella Santoni is a sophomore; involved in the CREST program. She is also PVTC’s Captain Thespian.


TTW: Why did you audition for this play?

BS: When I auditioned I wasn’t going for a particular role. I wanted to make it (my audition) as dynamic as possible. Then let director decide (to cast me). When I got the script, and did the first read through, I realized just how challenging this role would be.


TTW: What have you found most difficult about portraying Anne Frank?

BS: -the pressure of portraying a real person, who has passed, and is such an important figure – I read her actual diary and looked more into her life.  I just used the resources I had available to portray her as accurately as possible.


TTW: Do you relate to Anne Frank – how so, or why?

BS: I think of her as someone I’d like to be- her distinctive optimism, she always looked for good things to happen, which is what makes her story so heartbreaking.


TTW: Has participating in this play had any kind of emotional impact on you – please elaborate?

BS: It has given me a deeper understanding of the endurance humans can have, and the tragedy of the Holocaust. It’s been very emotionally taxing to portray her story in rehearsals everyday to my full ability.


Nicole Willis interviewed Mrs. Stiles, the drama teacher at PVHS, who is producing and directing The Diary of Anne Frank. This is Mrs. Stiles’ second year as a drama teacher, she is also the school’s swim team coach.


TTW: What made you wanna produce The Diary of Anne Frank?

CS: I think it’s a fabulous show. Our last show season was very comedic, so I wanted to give audiences a variety in genres this year. Last year there was an incident at PV involving a swastika, which showed how desensitized some kids are to this subject material. I hope the audiences become educated to the subject matter and realize how serious the Holocaust was.


TTW: Why do you want students to see this show?

CS: The show has a powerful message. The actors are great, so are the technicians. The production value is also great. After seeing The Diary of Anne Frank, I want the audience to feel that they have seen something important.


TTW: What’s your favorite technical aspect of the show, why?

I’d have to say sound- it makes the show. The characters are in hiding, so they can’t make sound. The actors don’t wear shoes, which is a rare occurrence in stage productions. The show depends on sound, it progresses the show, and makes the plot understandable. I also think lighting, set design, costumes, props, and the many other technical aspects are quality, too.


TTW: What are the showtimes and on what days?  How much does admission cost?

Admission is five dollars. The show opens on February 7th at 7:00 P.M. with a final show on the 9th at 7:00 P.M.  We have a matinee on the 8th at 3:00 P.M., along with a showing at 7:00 P.M. that day.