A Trojan Victory: North Canyon vs. PV

Madeline Muller

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Even before the game started, the gym was packed. Hundreds of students, PV and North Canyon, were shoulder-to-shoulder cheering, watching, and supporting their respective teams as the clock began on Friday the 18th. It was a slow start for PV, who ended the quarter down 11-13 against the Rattlers. However, after a timeout early in the quarter and a round of chanting from the Red Zone, the Trojans were never behind again, outscoring the Rattlers for the rest of the game, eventually winning 65-47, prompting a raucous reaction from the Red Zone.

While the students in the crowd led the spirit of the game, the PV players were led by Senior, Nathan Perry, with 25 points and Junior, Jordan Hope, with 17. Jordan also led the Trojans successful attempts at 3 pointers with 3 while Nathan had 9 successful 2-pointers. Anthony Giliberto, Jordan Hope, and Moses Demalek all had one block, igniting both team and school spirit in the crowd. In total, the team had 35 rebounds total allowing them to challenge the Rattler’s defense and prevent them from scoring.

The Trojan’s victory over the Rattler’s improved their record to 14-8 for the 2018-2019 season.

*All Stats are from MaxPreps.com*