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Week Six

Last week a good pick up was Alvin Kamara after Adrian Peterson was traded to the Cardinals. This trade happened unexpectedly this past week. He was able to play against The Buccaneers on Sunday as a Cardinal. Everyone that knows about Peterson, he’s one of the best running backs of the past decade. For him to go to the Cardinals full of veterans like Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer is huge because he fits right in. David Johnson, the primary running back for the Cardinals is out so most of the touches will be Peterson. His first game with the Cardinals, he  rushed for 134 yards and scored 2 touchdowns. He also put up 25 points for fantasy. With that being said, if you need a running back Peterson will be a good pick up of the week.

Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback for The Green Bay Packers left the game injured. He suffered a broken clavicle in the first quarter of the game. Reports says he will most likely be out for the remainder of the season.  His numbers before being injured are; 18.5, 22.5, 30.8, 31.1, and 30. He is ranked number 5 among all the quarterbacks in the league. He was very valuable but with him being out for the rest of the season, he is the drop of the week.

Surprise of the week for this week goes to Doug Martin, running back for The Bucs. Martin came back from suspension two weeks ago. He has scored no less than 15 points. He was forgotten about because he was suspended for the first few games. We might see him putting up points consistently.

This is the weekly Football Fantasy knowledge.

Week Five

A must starter for this week should be Deshaun Watson, and he will be playing The browns. The Browns have one of the worst defenses in the league. They have not won one game this season. For the past two weeks, he has scored at least three touchdowns. Deshaun will have a huge game.

Surprise of the Week goes to Alvin Kamara, Running Back for New Orlean Saints. With Adrian Peterson being traded to The Cardinals, Kamara will be the primary running back. His current numbers by week are 7.8, 8.8, 13.2, and 25.6. His numbers have been going up and with his performance he will continue to put up points. In the past 2 weeks, he has scored a touchdown. He is worth taking a risk on because he is healthy and will carry the ball a lot. If the league gives points for receptions, his value is even bigger.  He’s worth giving a shot.

Drop of the Week goes to Eli Manning, quarterback for the Giants. Not just because he isn’t consistent but also because he doesn’t have much to work with in the offensive side. In week 5, he lost his best wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. He suffered a broken ankle. Odell will most likely be out for the remainder of the season considering that The Giants or 0-5 this season.  Eli’s other Wide receiver  also suffered an ankle injury. Brandon Marshall is also out for the remainder of the season. It’s unbelievable that there was three injured wide receivers this past week. Dwayne Harris is the third injured wide receiver that is also out for the season. Eli Manning will have a tough time throwing to the other wide receivers other than these three.

Hopefully people take my advice.

Week Three

Fantasy Football is fun for those who enjoy Football. People can enter a league and draft their own team. It gets fans more into the sport. They are the coach, they decide which players to play for you every week! People just have to play their cards wisely.  

A big surprise this year was that nobody picked Deshaun Watson. He started as a backup but he played his first game three weeks ago. Throughout his first four games he’s averaging 22.5 fantasy points. Week four he scored 41.7 fantasy points, and not only did he and Texans win the game, they set the franchise record scoring 57 points. If he’s still available in your league, you need to pick him up!

Pick up of the week goes to Aaron Jones, running back for the Packers. With Ty Montgomery going down injured week 4 in the game against the Bears, Jones came in and put up 10 fantasy points. Now knowing this, he will be the primary runner for the Packers until Montgomery is healthy.  Week five, Jones and the Packers traveled to Dallas to face the Cowboys. These top two teams usually put up great numbers and the Packers can run the ball very well against Dallas.

Drop of the week goes to Adrian Peterson, Running Back for the Saints. Going into these season, people had high expectations of Peterson since he’s been a good top RB. He put up consistent numbers in every year he has played with The Vikings. This season he is playing with The Saints. In his four games he’s averaging 2 points. Week four he had 0. For the owners who have Peterson, it’s worth dropping him. With Drew Brees being the QB of the Saints, the running game won’t be strong for fantasy teams.

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