Let’s Dive into the Swim Season

Ethan Livshits, Journalist

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The Paradise Valley dive and swim team were excited to face off against their new opponents in the first official meet to kick off the new season. The dive team, proud in their PV colors faced off against Sunnyslope while the swim team faced off against North Canyon and Veritas.

The swim team practiced a number of strokes such as breastroke and freestyle, while the dive team performed front and back dives, different flips, and more. Mr. Stiles, a coach for the swim team, stated his thoughts on the meet.

“I felt that the meet ran very smoothly. I was extremely proud of all of our swimmers and divers. They worked their hardest and did their best and that is all I can ask of them. I felt that they were prepared for the meet. They have been working hard in practice to get to the level that they are at.”

Mr. Stiles continued on talking about the progress of both teams.

“A few places that I noticed that we can improve on is our relay starts for swim and not being hesitant for dive. There were a few times where the swimmer dove in too early or when the diver paused on their approach. Other than that the biggest thing is endurance, stamina, and flexibility. Sportsmanship, team spirit and support is something that our swim and dive team always excels at. It makes me so proud to be the coach of this amazing team. We are also incredible at just pushing ourselves hard throughout the meet. We had a lot of athletes feeling under the weather with this bug going around and even though some were not feeling 100% they pushed through.”

Finally, Mr Stiles stated: “We just need to work a bit more on the techniques of the strokes and dives, and on building up the endurance so we don’t get as tired as easy.”

Many PV students also had comments on the meet. One freshmen, Jake Green, explained his thoughts before the meet.

“I wanted to try something new other than any other sport. I grew up swimming ever since I was very little, as well as being around during the summer. I’m a lifeguard as well and it’s close to school. It’s a great experience and you get to do new tricks. I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, I just kinda don’t want to mess up or do something bad that would get me a bad score. I want to see how everyone else performs and hopefully I can do my best.”

Another swimmer, Samuel Posner, spoke his mind when asked if he was nervous.

“No. I already know I’m going to do badly, so I can just relax. I just use the technique of ‘just keep swimming’.”

That all happened last Thursday, in the only sport where the coach yells at players for breathing. Athletes COD go back in time to the meet again, through the layers of the TUNAverse. PV sure is big FINS of the team! PV has meets every Thursday. Go to the school calendar for more information.

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Let’s Dive into the Swim Season