Communication Mishap in Cheer Prevents Some Girls From Trying Out

Samantha Newman, Journalist

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Paradise Valley High School August 16, 2017

As few people may know, cheer tryouts were to be held Wednesday, August 16 and Thursday, August 17. Those who showed up Wednesday were given the news that tryouts would be pushed back until the following Wednesday due to the fact that only six girls showed up. Lucky for them, this information was not given until they had already learned the cheers needed for the official tryout.

Six bright and “cheery” faces showed up Wednesday, August 16, ready and a little nervous for tryouts. As each girl handed in their pink slips and changed into their sneakers, they chatted amongst themselves about if they had any past experience and why they wanted to try out. As the girls were learning the cheers they started to become more comfortable with each other and the friendly cheerleaders who helped them.

As the coach counted the number of girls trying out, a concerned expression flashed across her face.

During one of the breaks, Coach Troupe called all the girls to her attention. She told them that the official tryout would be pushed back another week, giving any other girls who wanted to try out the chance to.

The following Wednesday twice as many girls showed up. Some stragglers showing up a little late. The absence of announcements about the tryouts was extremely apparent.

Ashley Becker, a senior cheerleader, says that “About 30 girls tried out for JV my freshman year.”

In previous years 25-30 freshman girls would show up to tryouts. Now, they are lucky if ten girls, any year, show up.

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Communication Mishap in Cheer Prevents Some Girls From Trying Out