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Phantom Time: did a 300 year span of history not actually exist? 9/15/17

Happy Friday on this lovely day of September 15th, 1720! No, really. Is this year 2017, or should it actually be 1720? According to German historian Heribert Illig, 300 years of history were completely fabricated and the calendar is set way before it actually should.

Illig first proposed this theory in 1991, coming to the conclusion that something seemed off about the time period spanning from 614CE to 911CE. Evidently, he began theorizing – or has he says, “hypothesizing” – this upon the realization that there are an extreme lack of both written documents and archaeological evidence during the Early Middle Ages.

Some of the believers in this “Phantom Time Hypothesis.” theorize that this time leap took place when the Pope Gregory XIII changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in 1582 A.D.

The Julian calendar was known to have a “tropical year” which added a single day to every century. When corrected, astronomers and mathematicians suggested the Pope push the calendar forward ten days, though it really should have accounted for thirteen. From this Illig concludes that the AD era counted roughly three centuries that never existed.

Other people believe Pope Sylvester II and Holy Roman Emperor Otto III were the people who caused this time gap. They say that when Otto III became emperor, he decided to alter the dating system slightly, so he his reign would begin at the millennial 1000 A.D. This number, of course, would be more memorable than 703 A.D

Illig claims more evidence that supports his theory, as well. He states that the only way to gain evidence that this time happened was to rely heavily on written (and according to this theory: forged) documents and inadequate dating of artifacts, which could be, and have known to have been, misdated.

He also mentions the 10th century architecture, and how it looks way too forward for it’s time. Western Europe appeared to have been creating Romanesque architecture years before it’s time, which shows that the Roman era may not has been as long ago as historians suggest.

However, in this theory (as in all theories) there is plentiful criticism up against these “Phantom Timers.” The most reliable evidence that refutes Illig’s theory is dates of solar eclipses recorded before 614 C.E. – the times that would have been distorted by the time leap. One is recorded by Pliny the Elder in 59 A.D. and another by Photius in 418 A.D.  Both of these eclipses are said by astronomers to line up exactly with the years they should without the time leap.

Alongside this, nonbelievers use the important characters and “heroes” of this time to refute the theory. People like Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne are put up to debate. Non-Believers claim that all the written documentation of this emperor simply could not have been made up, but believers refute this with the fact that all Charlemagne documentation seems utterly fabricated and more like a “King Arthur-type myth.

If the Phantom Time theory is the truth and 300 years of history was completely made up, then that would mean very important time periods like Anglo-Saxon Europe, the Papacy, and the Byzantine Empire were also completely fabricated.

So could this be true? Did historians make a crucial mistake in dating time? Is it actually 1720 and instead of sitting in school we should all be blacksmiths? I suppose we’ll never know…





Monthly Mystery – Current Conspiracies

Is the solar eclipse a signal of the end of the world? (9/8/17)

Every second Friday of each month, PV PARANOIA will cover a mystery story that is currently happening in the world today. Here is this month’s Monthly Mystery.

The solar eclipse last month was a truly amazing sight – but is it a prediction of the inevitable doom of our home planet and everything on it? Odds are – probably not. But some theorists do believe that secret planet ‘Nibiru’ is going to destroy the Earth this month.

Scientists deny that this planet is real, but pioneer of this theory and author of “Planet X – the 2017 Arrival” David Meade holds tight to his theory of this planet and the idea that it will crash into the Earth on September 23rd.

This planet was first mentioned in 1976 by Zecharia Sitchin in his book “The 12th Planet.” According to him, Nibiru is a hidden planet, home to a race of aliens called the Anunnaki – which, he says, created the human race. Theorists have predicted the collision of Earth and Nibiru for decades now, but Meade claims to have proof of his doomsday predictions occurring in the following weeks.

He claims that the recent solar eclipse was a blatant indication of the arrival of this planet. This follows what Meade suggests as the “33 Convergence” – which is a series of coincidences all involving the number 33.

He explains: “The Moon involved is called a black moon. These occur about every 33 months… The eclipse will start in Lincoln Beach, Oregon – the 33rd state – and end on the 33rd degree of Charleston, South Carolina. Such a solar eclipse has not occurred since 1918, which is 99 years – or 33 times three.”

Meade says that 33 days after the solar eclipse on the 23 September – the stars will align. The moon will appear at the feet of the constellation Virgo, and 12 stars will appear at her head. Virgo will then appear to be “birthing” Jupiter, and “the end” will officially begin.

Incidentally, a very well-known conspiracy emerged in 2012 based on a Mayan prophecy, remarking that this very same planet Nibiru was going to collide with planet Earth the 21st of December. Obviously, this did not happen.

NASA has not covered the impending apocalypse in the coming month, but they did speak out about the mentioned 2012 apocalypse in a statement on their website, “Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax. There is no factual basis for these claims.”

They said that if there was a planet this near to Earth, we would be able to see it with the naked eye by now, alongside astronomers who would have been tracking it for years prior. The experts at NASA assure everyone that there should be no planets nearby Earth for the “next several hundred years.”

Although, Nibiru could be hidden like Meade suggested, or possibly invisible. Maybe the planet just travels really fast so scientists are unable to track it. So will the planet really end at the end of this month? I suppose we’ll see.

*Information collected from the Telegraph news


Did Shakespeare not actually write his plays? (9/1/17)

Shakespeare’s plays have been loved and taught amongst the entire world for hundreds of years. He introduces thousands of new words into the English language and teaches valuable lessons through famous, entertaining performances. But did you know that many people – including Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, and Nathaniel Hawthorne – have supported the theory that Sir Francis Bacon was the author of William Shakespeare’s plays?

Sir Francis Bacon was the first person to be theorized to have authorship of Shakespeare’s writings. After all – he definitely had the credentials for it. He received an education at Cambridge, he was famous philosopher, politician, led a literary society, was the Lord Chancellor, and he is believed to be the “founder of English freemasonry” and a “guiding light of the Rosicrucian order” – which, in short, were both secret societies to promote good teachings to the world.

Around the 1500’s, the English language was more or less very underdeveloped. Because of all the different dialects, people from different areas of England could hardly understand the others. However, by the time Sir Francis Bacon was dead, it was one of the most refined languages in the world.

There are many different beliefs why Sir Francis Bacon may have be called to write the plays. As one theory goes, Sir Francis Bacon was said to be visited by goddess of wisdom Athena – stay with me on this one. He is speculated to have had an otherworldly vision of this goddess that instructed Bacon to teach the English language to England. Whether this was an actual vision, hallucination, or imagination – it is just a theory.

The reason this story goes hand in hand with Sir Francis Bacon is due to the symbolism of Athena and her helmet “hiding” behind it – as Bacon was hiding as ghostwriter for Shakespeare. Also, as correlation to the name, Athena held a spear that she “shook in the eyes of ignorance”. So if you flip that: Shakespeare.

See, Sir Francis Bacon was a smart man. Around this time, the population was split up between the educated elite and the uneducated common men. He knew that if he released an intricate essay explaining the language, not many people would read it. So what is a way to get this information out in a way that everyone would be open and willing to listen to? A dramatic, entertaining play with many new words and lingos.

So let’s get into evidence for this. First of all, many scholars agree with the fact the actual actor William Shakespeare lacked the education to write like he did. People argue he was both barely literate, and could hardly even write letters to people, much less write an intricate play with impeccable grammar.

And along with this, there are absolutely no legal errors in any of his plays – to the point where someone must know all the inner working of court in order to have this lack of flaws. And in fact, for part of his life, Bacon was an attorney.

Many people argue that Sir Francis Bacon would be unable to write all Shakespeare’s plays along with all of the things published under his name in his lifetime – but the thing is, he had an entire literary society employed to him for no particular reason. With this group, he would be easily able to create this volume of work in his lifetime.

Incidentally, Shakespeare failed to included any mention of his literary writings and manuscripts in his will. Although it is argued how many other influential authors of the time also did not include their work in their will, Shakespeare seemed very specific in his. To put this into picture – he left his “second best bed and furniture” to his wife, so take that for what it is.

I am not going to get into it much – partially because I don’t fully understand it myself – but Sir Francis Bacon was said to be a master of ciphers and codes, and incorporated it in his writings, called the Baconian code. Many people have dedicated years to depicting them and searching for them in Shakespeare’s plays.

Expert theorist Jim Marrs has displayed live in a video allegedly deciphering one of these codes within one of Shakespeare’s works from Latin, that translates to “these plays, the offspring of F. Bacon, are preserved for the world.” If that could be proved, I don’t know, as codes are a difficult concept for anyone to understand.

The thing is, if this theory were to be the truth and Sir Francis Bacon did write all of the famous Shakespeare plays, he completed his goal very well. He was able to introduce a total of over 1,700 new words into the English language in different writings that are still read and taught all over the world today – all whilst never being discovered as the one to write them.


“EMILY” the Auditorium Ghost (8/25/17)

As the legend goes: long ago, in the early days of Paradise Valley High School, there was a young North Canyon student taking our drama class for lack of a better option at her own school. However, before she could complete her course, she mysteriously died inside of Paradise Valley’s auditorium.

The story changes every time, but that fact remains the same: whether it was on the catwalk, in the basement, backstage – this girl was gone.

The timeline is blurry, but it is accidentally to have happened around the 1960’s or 1970’s. The story may have been covered in a newspaper at the time, but the legacy of this girl did not breach the walls of our school over time.

There is little to no information online about this myth, but drama students are very aware of the “ghost” haunting their building. Allegedly, they call her by the name of Emily, but they are unaware of her actual name. The name seems to have become lost in time alongside her story.

She appears to be raising a certain amount of havoc in the building. Some students report scars from scratches while on stage, and others report ominous shadows in the dark corners of the auditorium.

“Stuff seems to go missing whenever I need it most,” an anonymous student who has taken part in a Paradise Valley play spoke out, “but it could just be other students misplacing things.”

It looks almost as if “Emily” wants to be noticed, but not enough to be a proven being because students go back and forth in their belief of her. While many students will advocate for her being fully real, others are not quite sure.

I think it’s true,” an anonymous student says. “If you can fight something like that, you won’t get hurt, but If you’re scared, then you’ll get the scratches.” This specific student is not in the drama program, and does not have a direct experience with this haunting, yet still advocates for the “true” side.

However, Nate rumored, a Junior at PV disagrees. “I believe in ghosts,” they spoke out, “but this has to be a no, because I have never experienced it.”

I personally do believe this, according to all the stories and encounters I’ve heard from different students. But could the shadows just be in their mind? Could the scratches be from accidentally falling against a table and not noticing it?

Who knows if this supposed “ghost” is real – and we may never find out if it is. Until then, let the missing items and strange shadows persist, as the legend continues to grow with Paradise Valley High School.

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  1. Anonymous on September 15th, 2017 11:15 AM

    This is the best blog ever!!! I love reading it every week!!


  2. Alex Montor on September 19th, 2017 9:49 AM

    Your blog is so interesting!


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